Cavaliers from Far Horizons placed in loving homes

Simon (Monty) and Dana shown below at the airport en route to Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Baily, Dylan, and Lyla (Molly) shown below in Midland, Texas


Ginger (Melody) shown below in Dripping Springs, Texas

Isabelle and Harry (Kris), below left, in Amarillo Texas - Paizley (Katie), below right, in Paige Texas

Sidney and Sara, below, in Austin Texas:

Bentley (Shelby), below, in Plano Texas:

Thor (Sammy), below, in Austin Texas:

Thor, below, at one year:

Thor and his new best buddy Odin(Kelly), below, in Nashville:

Bella and Percy (Simon), below, in Bradenton Florida:

Percy, below, at one year:

Pixie (Dianna), below, in Glastonbury Connecticut:

Sarah Kate and Lola (Faye), below, in Fort Worth Texas:

Rachel and Nugget (Aden), below, in Lubbock Texas: