Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies whelped January 2, 2012:

Above, at 6 weeks, left to right (Blenheims): Legend, Lillie, Leia, and Rumour. The tri-color is Lucy.

Rumour is Devon's puppy (born Jan 4th), and the other four are Emma's puppies (also shown below).

Shown above at 2 days, left to right, are Legend, Lucy, Leia, and Lillie.

Lorankas Simply Dreaming (from Wales) is the Sire.

Pamedna Dallas (from England) is the Dam.

Legend was placed in a loving home in Dallas, Texas.

Lillie was placed in a loving home in Amarillo, Texas.

Lucy was placed in a loving home in Midland, Texas.

Leia and Rumour were placed together in a loving home in Plano, Texas.

Pedigree for Emma's puppies:

Lorankas Simply Dreaming (Blenheim)GBCh Loranka's Just Like Heaven JW (Blenheim)
Top Cavalier 2009
GBCh Pascavale Enchanted (Blenheim)GBCh Tameline Northern Dancer JW (Blenheim)
GBCh Britannia of Pascavale (Blenheim)
Loranka's Living A Dream (Blenheim)Loranka's Dreamed A Dream (Blenheim)
Chantismere Charon Loranka (Blenheim)
Loranka's Starlite Dream (Blenheim)GBCh Aranel Cosmic (Blenheim)GBCh Miletree Nijinsky (Blenheim)
Aranel Arabesc (Blenheim)
Loranka's Lillie (Blenheim)GBCh Loranka's Captive Romance (Blenheim)
Pascavale Farrah Loranka (Blenheim)
Pamedna Dallas (Tricolour)GBCh Brymarden Montana (Blenheim)

Maibee Montrose (Blenheim)
Top Stud Dog 2010

Craigowl Dixon (Blenheim)
Maibee The Stand In (Blenheim)
Rippleoak River Dancer (Blenheim)GBCh Loranka's Celebration (Blenheim)
Brymarden Georgie Girl of Rippleoak (Blenheim)
Pamedna Lucy (Tricolour)
Top Brood Bitch 2007
Pamedna Mr Pipkin (Tricolour)GBCh Pamedna Fan-TC (Tricolour)
Pamedna De Vine (Blenheim)
Pamedna Kiss'n'Tell (Tricolour)GBCh Pamedna Fan-TC (Tricolour)
Pamedna Lady Lydia (Blenheim)